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Written by Reed Gift Fairs

When you call a friend to catch up, you don’t want to hear a list of their features. If they started listing their current hair colour, shoe size and eye colour, conversation would die off pretty quickly. Facebook is no different. Fans of your business’s page want a feel for the life of the brand, not just its brand attributes and products.

Keeping your page on brand but personalised is an essential part of maintaining the interest of your fans.

  1. If you’re not camera shy, a great way for your fans to get to know the people behind your brand is to respond to questions and with video responses. A simple video hosting site like Vimeo allows you to upload a video and then paste the link to Facebook. What says personal quite like seeing the person answering your question?
  2. Behind every brand’s page there are people working hard behind the scenes to keep that brand going. Don’t be afraid to let your fans in behind the scenes. Facebook is about conversations, and it should be remembered that it’s significantly more interesting to have a conversation with real people rather than a robot. Whether it’s an employee’s birthday or a business anniversary, take a photo and share the moment with your fans!
  3. Is there a few people working on your Facebook page? Celebrate it! There’s nothing like diversity to spice up a conversation. An example of how to showcase this might be the poster writing their initials at the end of every one of their posts. It’s likely that different employee’s will have different areas of expertise, so rather than having an ‘all-knowing’ Facebook presence, acknowledge who the know-how is coming from. Savvy fans will soon learn who specialises in their interest and engage with their posts!


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