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They feel good AND they make you feel good

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Nine Yaks co-owner Megan had been working for a number of years in Nepal at a not-for-profit health centre in Ramechhap . When she returned to Australia, she teamed up with Sreeju (a then mechanical engineer)  on a fundraiser to raise money for the health centre in Nepal. They put hours of work into the fundraiser every day for five months,  the fundraiser went well, but Sreeju thought that there would be a way to contribute in more substantially.

That’s when Nine Yaks was born. As the business began out of a social responsibility, so too did their  products. Nine Yaks work only with natural and sustainable materials, particularly specialising in cashmere. Sreeju, now runs a fashion company but has yet to shake the engineering desire to “fix things”.

natural fibres

Nine Yaks has a simple mission, to provide  high quality fashion accessories that don’t cost the earth. Their values underpin everything they do.

  • Sustainability – Nine Yaks  are very passionate about the sustainable use of natural raw materials. They want you to look good at a price that doesn’t cost the planet.
  • Empowerment – Nine Yaks work within communities in order to build on the skills that people already have. This can be done in many ways, but most commonly, Nine Yaks provide a platform for which people have access to the resources required to get the job done.
  • Sharing the benefits –Nine Yaks share their profits with effective charities.
  • Ethical trade – Nine Yaks are actively taking responsibility for ensuring fair working conditions of those who craft their products. They are committed to human rights and build close relationships with suppliers to ensure that workers are treated fairly, with respect and dignity.

Nine Yaks stunning products don’t just feel good, they MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.


Nine Yaks will be exhibiting at Reed Gift Fairs Sydney February 2015 at stand number F65

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