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Those hipster retailers … they are taking over the world!

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Written by Reed Gift Fairs

We have a number of  way-too-trendy-for-me  hipster coffee shops opening up around our workplace. It has happened quite suddenly, and I have noticed that these back to basics retailers have developed a huge  following in a short space of time. Those checked shirt blokes with immaculately groomed beards certainly know how to draw a crowd!

On my way  past every day, as I watch the meteoric rise of said hipster cafe,  I admire their retail shop fittings. I can only describe the ” look”  as minimal industrial meets the Beverly Hillbillies –  yes I am THAT old!  Rusty pipes hold shelves of coffee beans. People appear to be sitting on glorified milk crates (no lumbar support methinks) My hipster coffee entreprenuers have saved on light fittings, opting for some bare bulbs and some recycled  peanut butter jars.

There’s no fancy signage –  the logo and menu are just painted/stencilled straight onto the concrete.

Inspired by their ingenuity, I’ve started a Pinterest page on Hipster retail decor …  http://www.pinterest.com/reedgiftfairs/hipster-retail/ . I have yet to try the coffee – I think the  fifteen minute wait is a testament to their popularity rather than their coffee making speed!


 Who Am I? kathy My name is Kathy. I am the Marketing Manager for Reed Gift Fairs. I love to talk. And think outside the square. I love the colour hot pink and know the words to all the eighties hits, which I practice in the privacy of my own vehicle.  I photograph sunrises and sunsets in my masses of spare time. I am an eclectic collector, and my repetoire includes lots of retro stuff, three teenage daughters and two cats.
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