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Top 3 Tips to Engage with Your Instagram Base

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Domenica Kiely
Written by Domenica Kiely

With more and more younger people opting for Instagram over Facebook, it’s time to get social media savvy and put in place some social media strategies to help your customer base get to know your brand.

We recently brought you our Top 3 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Base, and today we’re sharing our top 3 tips to help you engage with your Instagram base.

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Get personal

We don’t mean you should share your entire life story, but a little personality goes a long way. Pepper your Instagram feed with little tidbits that make it more personal, for example, instead of posting a shot of the product you are selling all on its lonesome, why not show how you would use it or wear it? It helps your audience to develop faith in your product if they see that you think it’s great enough to use yourself.

You can also ask questions to invite comments from your Instagram base. For example, you might post an image of your Christmas wares, then in the comments ask your audience to identify their favourite thing about the holiday season. Keep it light and happy!

You can also connect with real customers by asking them to tag you in any posts of them using or wearing your products. You could even create your own hashtag to share with your followers, for example, #founditatreed (@reedgiftfairs). You can then re-post (with permission, of course) any standout lifestyle shots of your products in use.

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Hit reply

One of the most important ways to engage with your audience is by actually taking the time to respond to their comments or questions. Although some users will send you a private message, you may want to keep a lookout in your comments sections for any comments or questions requiring a reply – these are valuable opportunities to connect with your audience. Don’t forget to use the ‘@’ symbol before the user’s name in order to let them know that you have replied, for example, if you wanted to alert Reed Gift Fairs on Instagram, you would tag us @reedgiftfairs.

Make sure you acknowledge any positive feedback on your Instagram page. On the flip side, rise above the keyboard warriors out there. It’s always better to keep your feed positive and not take the bait from anyone wanting to rain on your parade. Of course, remember that it is your page and you have every right to delete comments that are unnecessarily negative, rude or spammy!

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Sharing is caring

Share your Instagram images with your other social networks. Instagram easily allows you to share your images with Facebook, with a feature that helps you to do it without even hopping on Facebook. But why bother sharing the same photo on different social media networks? You may encourage a double follow that leads to more engagement overall. It’s also a fantastic way to keep your Facebook account active without sourcing two lots of information.

Not sure how to link from Instagram to Facebook? Then check out this great post on how to link your Instagram and Facebook accounts via iMore.

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