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Top 3 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Base

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Domenica Kiely
Written by Domenica Kiely

People love Instagram. It’s the social media platform that is about the here and now that we can’t help but get lost in. It tends to be uplifting, beautiful to look at, and if you have a business, it can help you to develop your brand and build your customer base.

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Here are our top 3 tips for building engagement on your Instagram page. We’ll follow this up with more handy tips in the weeks to come.


When an Instagram user clicks on a hashtag on Instagram (or any other social network), they’ll automatically be shown all other public posts that include the same hashtag. They are a great way to direct your customers to similar themed content and can help you build your own brand’s profile. Why not create a hashtag associated with your brand and encourage your customers to use it to showcase what they’ve done with your wares?

Top tip: Keep in mind that those little hashtags can annoy some social media users, so choose wisely and remember that you can add them in your comments, or separate them from your main comment with a few well-placed dots.

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Brand Ambassadors

Call them brand ambassadors or social media influencers, but know this: they’re the movers and shakers who have the audience to help you build your brand. Successful influencers know how to organically sell a story to their base of followers about your product and its benefits, helping you grow your base. They’re the word of mouth recommendation that customers are looking for before they commit to buying your product; confirmation that they really can’t live without whatever it is you are selling.

Top tip: Offer the influencer a discount code or a specific hashtag to share with their followers that can help you to identify the success rate of the relationship you have with the influencer and their followers.

Lifestyle Images

Whatever product you are showcasing, it will always look better in a lifestyle image rather than a stand-alone product shot. Lifestyle images tend to create a story that connects with your audience. They help your customers to develop a relationship with the product. Take a look around at some successful Instagram pages with similar product content to see how they are showcasing their products in lifestyle shots. Don’t be afraid to scrap old images that don’t work in order to make your page have a more curated look.

Top tip: Try to keep a consistent look to your photos so that your images will have a curated look overall. Keep shots at the same distance, in the same colour tones and in the same size for the best overall ‘gallery’ effect. Remember, square images look the best in Instagram.

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