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Heidi Albertiri is the talented Founder and Editor of The Life Style Edit.  Prior to founding TLSE in 2016, Heidi had spent the past 5 years working directly for one of Australia’s leading interior magazines, Home Beautiful, where she was Senior Stylist. Previous to this, Heidi spent 20 years styling flowers for homes, weddings and events, whilst also running workshops and retreats in Bali – it’s safe to say she has a keen eye for beautiful things.

With a great understanding of what’s happening across the interior and homewares landscape on a national and international scale, Heidi will lead a Trend Forecast session as part of the newly designed education series at The Retail Quarter Sydney this September.

Heidi recently divulged her tips and tricks on the global trends likely to be influencing the way people are living and what they’ll be looking for when shopping for their own home. Read on …

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Heidi Albertiri, Founder & Editor, The Life Style Edit

Although it seems interior trends change each year, there are few tried and trusted looks that we have grown accustomed to. Evolving with the seasons are a few basic trends that span everything from coastal to metallic, and industrial to everyone’s favourite, Scandi.

What does change however, is the colour palettes we use to depict these trends, as well as the different types of textures we implement to help the continual evolution and development of the trends from season to season.

With this in mind and with the New Year fast approaching, I’ve shared some of the interior trends and colours I predict will stick around for 2018.

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Lagom is taking over Hygge – A vital aspect of the Scandinavian culture, the Hygge trend is all about creating a moment of bliss. Lagom on the other hand, is living that bliss long term and is something we will see more of moving into 2018. Based on the Swedish concept ‘not too little, not too much,’ the Lagom trend is all about creating a space with just the right amount of furnishings and accompaniments. It’s about ditching the clutter, impacts on the environment and creating an ethos of moderation.

The power of colour – A strong paint colour can be used to transform a space and add character to a home. Pastel and neutral colours are having a huge impact on the colour scene right now, and will continue to influence the interior landscape through to the new year. If you want to keep with Lagom’s not too much, not too little approach, choose a neutral colour palette and stick to a few key colours. Think red-based shades, soft greys and taupe colours.

Growth of rattan materials  – The rattan trend has continued to make an appearance in the interior game over the past year, with this growth forecasted to continue moving into 2018. More and more I’m seeing rattan materials in design – from chairs, to lighting, to room dividers, and now even so in the fashion industry.  The rattan trend is reflected through traditional handcrafted pieces, and will warm any environment with the inclusion of the natural textures and it’s earthy golden glow. This look works best with muted and flesh tones, but lends itself across the board – mixing gracefully with coastal and earth environments as it works to bringing a relaxed and lived in vibe.

Heavy Metals – moving away from rose golds, the metallic trend will take a turn towards bronzed golds and nickels – adding a timeless feel to any space. In addition, be prepared to see touches of black in interiors pieces this coming season. Whether it’s on kitchen or bathroom hardwares, or perhaps seen on accents in styling pieces – metallic and matte blacks are here to stay.

Velvet stands loud and proud – moving into 2018 and sticking with modern trends, expect to see bursts of velvet throughout the home. Keep an eye out for strong velvet pieces, mixed with tonal palettes –these refined pieces mix well with industrial finishes.

When implementing this trend across the home, it’s important not to over-do it. Start with adding single bold pieces to capture elements of the trend, before slowly working to introduce high impact pieces to the home.

Heidi Albertiri will touch on all of these trends and more in her education session at The Retail Quarter SydneyBook your place here.

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