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Reed Gift Fairs welcomes Victorian newsagents to the industry

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Reed Gift Fairs have partnered with Victorian Association for Newsagents (VANA) again in 2018.

Newsagents are a growing industry in the gift and homewares space as they look for opportunities to differentiate their offering in store and attract new customers. Reed is excited to welcome VANA’s members to the upcoming Reed Gift Fair Melbourne, 4-8 August 2018.

VANA was established in 1879 and is the peak industry representative body for newsagents and lottery agents across Victoria.  VANA represents approximately 500 Victorian Newsagents, Lottery Agents and Distributors. Via its Nparcel National network, it represents over 1,200 retail stores nationally and continues to grow this offering. VANA operates as an independent and collaborative body for members and has done so for almost 140 years.

In 2017/2018, VANA launched Nadvert, a commercial advertising platform to leverage the physical store of its Nparcel Network. Nadvert is an impactful and cost-effective way for advertisers to reach approximately 3 million eyeballs a week. VANA prides itself on seeking opportunity for future growth and sustainability.

The Nparcel network continues to deliver consistent results for the industry nationally. Approximately $150,000 per month is being distributed into the newsagency / lotteries channel, helping to create additional foot fall within stores to deliver new economy money. Over 1,000,000 new customers have visited an Australian Newsagent to transact with the Nparcel network. This is new business into our channel that is growing and delivering real results.

Nstock is an online platform created for the benefit of newsagents to access a range of quality products and services that can be sold to consumers. The Nstock platform also gives the opportunity for partners within the industry to access promotional opportunities and corporate exposure to newsagents nationally.

VANA is determined to build our network stronger and better, sustainably delivering more revenue and foot traffic to Australian Newsagents.




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