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When Bringing Cake to the Party, Wrap it Like a Gift


What’s a party without cake? If you’re the one tasked with bringing the dessert, wrap it up special so it’s recognized as the gift that it is.

If you’ve made the cake, first put it on a cake board and into a cake box (both available at Bulk Barn, Michael’s and other stores that cary cake making supplies). Next, tie with a pretty ribbon and add a topper — I used blue grosgrain ribbon and some origami flowers. For an extra treat, I added a gourmet lavender chocolate bar.

Now you won’t need to bring the cake and a gift!

 Who Am I? corrina small Corinna vanGerwen is a Canadian gift stylist whose expertly wrapped presents have appeared in film, online and in magazines. She launched the Corinna Wraps blog in 2010 to share her love of pretty packages.  She lives in the trendy West Queen West neighborhood of Toronto with her husband, son and two cats.

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