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How to bring in more foot traffic to your store

how to increase foot traffic in your store
Salena Knight
Written by Salena Knight

When it comes to drawing in more foot traffic to your store, you’ll need to be as appealing as possible, not only to bring them in, but to get them staying as long as possible in store and spending.

As much as we love the convenience of online shopping, the facts show that around 90% of purchases are still made in bricks and mortar stores[1].

So whilst it can feel like a never ending battle to get customers off the couch and into your physical shopfront, whilst 71% of shoppers believe they’ll find better deals online, only 10% of those sales are actually made online.

It all starts with your windows

Your windows are going to have the biggest impact to passers-by. Windows are like a brand look-book, offering a glimpse as to the treasures that can be found inside, but also gives your potential customer an insight into your stores’ values and are an invitation to come and hang out with your ‘tribe’.

Your store windows should constantly be changing, but at a bare minimum, every two weeks they should be completely changed out. Weekly is even better.

Changing out your windows allows you not only to showcase merchandise, but also shows that you’re on trend and have fresh, new ideas.

Host events

One of the best ways to draw in new customers, is to offer something no one else has. Running a ‘Meet the Maker’ series, hosting a fashion show or a book launch are all innovative ways to bring in new customers, but also provides an opportunity to have your existing customers to bring their friends along too.


Exterior, interior, sandwich board, point of sale – signage is crucial to drawing in foot traffic to your store. Research shows 8 in 10 consumers said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs and nearly 75% had recommended a business simply based on signage.  When it comes to first impressions, around 68% of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services[2].

So perhaps it’s time to take a walk around your store and see what image your current signage portrays.

It’s all about the vibe

I’m sure you’ve been into one of ‘those’ stores. The ones that just feel funky, weird and ….. dead. The person behind the counter is more engrossed in their phone than in helping customers, there’s a stale feeling about the merchandise and in general, you just don’t want to be there.

A store vibe is exactly that – an energetic feeling that is radiated from the store, the customers and the merchandise, and when it’s ‘off’, it can be difficult to change.

Making sure that your store accurately reflects what you customer is searching for when they enter (is it a luxurious, peaceful sanctuary, or perhaps it’s fun filled and high energy) and that that same energy is reflected in your team, your merchandising, the music and the scent, is a recipe for more customers.

Get Moving

Whether it’s on the outside of your store, in your windows, or just your team moving around, there is something about movement that draws customers in. You don’t need to hire an air operated, wavy-arm dancer! Instead, try some simple bunting or colourful flags, anything that can move in the wind to draw attention.

Be more than just a store

It’s easy to focus on inventory and making sure that you have fresh stock coming in, but perhaps it’s time to be more than just a store. Think about the kinds of services that your customers would love to have available. Personal styling advice for a fashion store, in home colour and decor advice for your homewares store, or first aid training for parents who shop in your kid’s boutique. Offering complimentary services will not only bring in new customers, you’ll have a more engaged tribe, who will want to bring their friends and family in.

The complimentary drink station

Shopping is thirsty work! Having a small drinks station with fruit infused water could just be the difference between a customer popping in to check out what’s new in the window, versus heading a few doors down to find a refreshment and not coming back.

Getting more foot traffic in your store can be a costly exercise. Building your customer base is generally the most expensive part of the marketing funnel.  However, when you go that little bit further, when you focus on being a store that’s different (instead of focussing on being perfect), you’ll be more likely to attract those customers that not only love what you sell, they want to come and hang out more often, and bring their friends along too!

[1] Retailnext report
[2] FedEx Office Survey: Standout Signs Contribute to Sales


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